Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chanel Joues Contrast Blush #160 Innocence - Review

Chanel Innocence powder blush in #160 is part of the 2014 fall collection. It is the only blush in the collection and has a matte finish with a soft white sheen and very subtle sparkle. Innocence is the perfect baby pink with out looking to bubble gum like or leaving you looking like a 1950's doll. The perfect every day girly girls pink that can be worn with anything and is perfect as part of your everyday makeup bag.

I've read a few negative reviews about this blush, people complained that it took allot to build up the colour and was way to sheer. My experience was the total opposite, I found it applied very smoothly. It picked up on my brush very easily, in fact I found myself having to knock most of the product off each time. It applied very easily with no patches or dry spots, it stained the cheek perfectly instead of just laying on the top. The colour picked up immediately on my cheeks and I found it very easily to over do but was easy to blend in. Overall it was really easy to build up and sheer down.

I picked it up for R580,00 which I know is allot but I know like with all my other Chanel blushes I use, once applied I know it will last all day long.

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  1. Oh Wow that blush looks stunning!


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