Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MAC Velvet Teddy - Review

The last couple of months I have been totally obsessed with finding the perfect shade of nude lipstick. I think partially because I just can't pull a nude lip off! I have an obsession with colours that don't make my teeth look yellow even though every single person I know tells me its in my head. What they don't understand is that, in my head is where it messes with my mind so that really doesn't help me. So Im either left with corps lips or really yellow looking teeth. It took me some time to actually figure out that there are plenty of different shades of nudes (pink, brown, beige) I would just want what ever shade was really nice even thought it might not work that well with my skin tone and Id be left disappointed and afraid of most shades. You just have to find what works with the natural undertones of your lips and take it from there.

As much as I would love to pull off the full on corpse bride nude it's just not my thing. When trying to pick a nude lipstick go for a colour that's your shade but better. So think a shade or two either darker or lighter than your natural colour/undertone depending on the look your going for. 

For myself velvet teddy is just that! I wish I could say i am this perfect know it all beauty guru, but I am not. It look me some trial and error to realize that my natural undertone of my lips is more brown than pink. Honestly the whole natural undertone thing is still very foreign to me but knowing what you are makes it so much easier. 

Velvet teddy is described as a deep tone beige and in the tube can be mistaken for a much darker brown. It is a creamy full coverage matte lipstick. If you have more pigmented lips it will look allot more brown and if you have a lighter pigmentation the pink will be allot more prominent. On myself it is very much a my lips but MUCH better shade, it picks up allot more of the brown shade and even makes my teeth look allot more white (insert issues face here) I have however noticed that depending on my foundation or how heavy I go on the contouring it will look allot more pinkish brown. 

This matte lipstick doesn't dry out your lips at all. I get about 3 to 4 hours of wear out of a application. It does not set completely and there is still some transfer but it's lipstick I wouldn't expect anything different. This is definitely a staple must have shade that any makeup lover should have in her/his collection. 

Retails for R195,00 

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