Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Hair Care Routine

If there is anything I am really proud of its my hair, when I get compliments on it it makes me feel really proud because I put allot of hard work in and I take really good care of it. As mush as I would love to say that I was born with it, I refuse to take away from the sweat and tears that's gone into getting it looking the way it does. Ive had so many people ask me whats my secret lol that I decided to share my routine as well as ruffle a little feathers of those so called experts and dispel a little myths. Also I want to share some of the products I use.

Hear are some things we have all been told. I am not saying that these will stand up in court as facts but honestly from the state of my hair right now I feel more than confident in my answers,

You must trim your hair every couple of weeks in order for it to grow:
WRONG. I have not cut my hair in the last 4 years (I trimmed it once myself though but less than a 1cm) and my hair has grown from just under my shoulders to the middle of my bum. This myth doesn't even make any sense to me to be honest, the only part of your hair that is alive is at the root. The other end of the shaft is dead so WHY would cutting it make it grow faster?

You must trim your hair every couple of weeks to get rid of the split ends and keep it from splitting all the way up the shaft:
WRONG. In the last three months I have been to the hair dresser twice (before that was 4 years ago) and they have yet to find any split ends. If you take care of your hair from the beginning there won't be any split ends which means you won't need to unnecessarily cut length away. I always apply a end protector that helps strengthen the ends of the shaft and also stop split ends before they happen.

High end vs Drug store
although these do the same thing the BC is a cream while the JF is a liquid. 
I do find myself reaching for the BC more often though.

Heat styling your hair will damage your hair and cause split ends.
WRONG AGAIN. I wash my hair everyday, not cause I need to but it is a personal preference. And because I wash my hair everyday I heat style everyday, but I make sure I take care of my hair through out the whole process. Just like you condition or use a mask while washing to protect it, I always use a heat protector or leave in conditioner so that it is protected from when I first wet it to when I am finished styling with my GHD.

High end vs Drug store
I use both of these products equally, they both smell amazing, feel amazing and is really easy to use.
And leaves your hair feeling silky soft, I use this every time I wash my hair.

Brushing your hair when wet will damage your hair.
TRUE. But this also depends on how you treat your hair when you wash it. Ive seen so many people that take their hair and rub it into a ball on the top of their head and then start going at it while washing it. First off this is not the 18th century and your not washing clothes in a tub on one of those cheese grater looking boards. Your hair needs to be treated extra gently when wet as the shaft is more fragile, weaker and more prone to breakage. I personally never wash my hair in the shower, I brush my hair before I wash it. I stand over the bath, throw my hair over and gently wash it downwards. This way it causes fewer knotting so requires less brushing. When I dry it i just pat it down with a towel to get most of the water out. I then part it in two and brush each side starting from the bottom up. I do this very gently and try not to stretch the shaft out.

On the price scale these are about the same depending on where you buy it.

The final step I always do is add a hair oil, I always feel like rubbing some extra goodness into the tips because in my mind I feel like the GHD burns most of the goodness off. I rub it into the shaft from about my ears down because it causes the oil to produce faster when I add it to my roots. This will also add a little extra shine as well as tame any fly aways. 

These are both on the higher end side but only because I have not found a drug store one that works for me yet.


  1. Those are great products, thank you for tips

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Thanks for letting us in on your secrets, Alice!! I also wash my hair every day and I'm glad to have recently found out that "over washing" doesn't cause any damage either. You have amazing hair so I will def try some of your tips! x


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