Monday, March 30, 2015

50 Shades of Disappointment

It saddens me to even have to type that heading, I was and still am a very big fan of the BOOKS. The movie however was the biggest disappointment of my entire life! From the minute I picked up the first book (which was a E version on my iPad) I was hooked. So much so that I had copies on my MAC, iPad, iPhone and on my work PC, so that no matter were I was I could continue reading in stealth mode. Every spare minute I had between phone calls and emails, during cooking at home and even in the bath I spent reading pages of 50 Shades. The sex scenes were extremely detailed and reading at work was some what uncomfortable (I was the only female in a team of 10 guys) but the story behind it was so captivating and the Legend and the star of every woman's fantasy was born in the form of Mr Christian Grey himself!

Through out the build up to the movie every one was left speculating who would potentially play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. When I found out Alexis Bledel was a very strong contender to play Miss Steele I was considering boycotting the entire movie, there was no way that mousy woman would play a good role as Anastasia. I also had my doubts when it was announced officially that Dakota Johnson got the role but after watching the movie however I don't think anyone else could have played that part she fit the character to a T.

Now when it came to Mr Grey himself I began to realize that no matter who the option was I would just not be happy. There were so many names floating around that it actually became a bit over whelming. I know at one stage it was said to be given to Ian Somerhalder but lets face it he is and always will be Damon Salvatore one half to the Vampire brothers of our dreams nothing more and nothing less. Then the announcement that shattered my dreams was made and the role was given to Jamie Dornan, even though some of his Calvin Klein ads were smoking hot he was no Christina grey. And every time I seen him on screen all I could see was Anton Yelchin and that is not someone one fantasizes about. Cant we all just take a second to admire potential number 5 why was this guy not a very strong contender slap some dark hair on him and that right there is Mr Grey inside and out! If we had him as our star role this would have been the movie of the year.

What disappointed me the most about the movie was the amount of detail that was left out, even with the extended version that I watched. I am not talking sex scenes but actual details and events that lead to certain big scenes. The fact that I read the books I sort of knew what was coming next but when it didn't happen I found myself repeatedly having to turn to my husband and explain why certain things were happening because it seemed to skip major parts in the book. Now I understand they needed to keep the movie to a standard time but for such a big movie I expected more, I mean even the Lord of the rings and the Hobbit were longer and they fit almost everything into those movies. Basically my point is to fully understand and appreciate 50 Shades of Grey I would say go out and get the books and read them before you decide to watch the movie.


  1. I couldn't even finish the movie. They left out so many important parts and the lead male just didn't come across as sexy, in fact he sounded more like a creepy serial killer. I thought more American Psycho then dreamy fantasy.

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    1. Thats exactly how I felt,I understand they needed to keep it short but I felt like there was so many other parts they could have left out! Also spot on with the whole serial killer thing!!!


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