Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hean Cosmetics

A few weeks ago I saw a new makeup brand popping up all over twitter and Instagram and when I was offered to test a few out I was more than happy to. I love testing out new affordable brands that actually work, sometimes affordable doesn't always stand up and you tend to spend more money having to replace it.

A little about the company:
Hean is a Polish company that was started in 1981, they produce Makeup and beauty care products and export to countries like Slovakia, Ukraine, Spain and now thanks to Gael and Glamore they import to South Africa to. They are currently only available on the Glamore website which you can check out here.  They also stock Omega nail products, Robanda anti aging skincare products and Oceanic and AA cosmetics.

Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick R95,00
I'll start with the thing I was most impressed by and that's the lipstick. I received it in the shade 75 Raspberry which is a really bright coral pink. I absolutely love how creamy the lipstick is something I honestly did not expect. At first I thought it would be allot more sheer but it's actually quick opaque. It applies evenly and most importantly to me with a really pigmented colour like this it fades evenly.  It has a satin finish and is infused with vitamins A, E, C and F as well as Shea butter. It lasted about 2 to 3 hours until it was faded completely and wasn't drying at all on my lips. Also I feel like I should mention the scent it has it was one of the first things I noticed opening the gift bag it came in. It has a really pleasant sweet scent which is a bit refreshing because I hate the smell of lipstick, I'm hoping to get my hands on two more shades namely Rose garden and sweet plum

Hean Stick Eyeshadow R60,00
I was actually quite excited to try this eyeshadow stick out and the colour Gael send me was absolutely perfect, it's a colour I would have chosen myself. From what I can tell is these sticks are numbered and not named, I got number 7 which is a copper pink. I actually applied it and set it with the Loreal infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush and I promise it's like an exact dupe. It comes in a twist up pencil which I love because I don't have to sharpen it. It's a cream eyeshadow so I had to use a primer and set it with a powder eyeshadow to keep it from creasing but I have really oily eyelids so I know that has allot to do it with. I love using this colour on its own though all over the lid it's perfect for that girly look and I've used it allot lately for a romantic eye with dark liner and mascara.

Hean Pearly Powder Balls R200,00
There are two shades available 01 Brightening and 02 Bronzing, I got it in 01 brightening. Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with contouring, so I usually reach for the highlighting powder or bronzer first when I go to a makeup counter. I am very judgmental when it comes to these two products and sometimes feel I am harder on them and put them more to the test. I can honestly say that I love this highlighting powder balls though. At first I couldn't get my brush to pick up allot of the product and transfer it to my face no matter how many times I swirled it around. I found crushing a few of the balls and dipping my brush into the extremely finely milled powder gave a better pay off.  There is no way you can over do this powder, I applied it to my cheek bones and down the ridge of my nose and it gave the perfect glow that reflected the light perfectly and naturally with out looking like I had specifically added highlighter. It has a white sheen that reminds me allot of the Mary Lu Manizer but with out the gold shimmer. This powder doesn't have any shimmer to it which I love for everyday and specifically work.

Hean Pearl and Minerals Lipgloss R80,00
Say what you want (I probably won't listen to you anyway) but I know my stuff when it comes to lipgloss and they got their stuff right with this one. The lipgloss is creamy and glides on so easily, it isn't sticky in the least and is really comfortable on the lips. It has a 100% natural pearl substance that regenerates,  smooths and moisturises the lips. I got it in the shade 51 which is a milky Barbie pink but it sheers out and gives a really natural pink very glossy shine to your lips. I honestly never time how long a lipgloss lasts on my lips even the very expensive ones because I know it's not meant to stay on forever. I want all the shade that's on their website but most of all the nude shades, there are 6 other colors available.

You can check out their website for more from this brand they also do other stuff like blush, mascara, setting powder and of course bronzer which looks pretty fab. They offer free shipping on orders over R250. I am so happy I got to test out this brand I honestly was really impressed and would love to try out a few more things. Hopefully they will end up in some of our drug stores making it a bit more accessible for people that you know "don't trust online shopping"

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