Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wishing Wednesday with Mr Price Home

So ever since my spur of the moment decision to redo my entire bedroom last week, I have been totally obsessing about changing every single thing inside it so that it doesn't only feel brand new but also looks brand new. I swear by now @home and Mr Price Home regard me as a regular customer because they have seen me almost every day last week. So now my bedroom makeover has started spilling over into the rest of the house but there are still some small things I am looking for to finish off my bedroom. I promise to show you the final product next week, I just don't quite feel like its all the way there yet! Here are a few of the things I am still hoping to get.

1. Printed Urban Text Scatter Cushion - R119.99
2. Metal Embossed Vase - R499.99
3. Large Geometrical Storage Box - R89.99
4. Cupcake Holder - R69.99
5. Ceramic Candle Holder - R59.99
6. Fleece Blanket - R129.99
7. Metallic Print Scatter Cushion - R59.99
8. Glass Candle Holder - R79.99

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