Wednesday, July 23, 2014

♥ Birthday Wish List ♥

With my birthday fast approaching (little over two and a half months *claps hands) my friends and family always ask me what I want for my birthday. And although through out the year I have a list as long as both my arms and legs, my mind always goes blank when they ask "what i want" because actually saying what I want makes me feel really bad! So these lists are not meant for any specific person as some of the items are quite pricey. They are rather items I am looking at getting myself maybe they can get a little inspiration from some of them ;-P

♥ 1. Tangle Teezer - R230 ♥ 2. Toy Polish Azul Neon - R99
♥ 3. Toy Dark Colors Remover - R99 ♥ 4. GHD V Sunset Styler - R2380
♥ 5. Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection - R320 ♥ 6. La Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezer R320

All these gorgeous items are available on the Retail Box website!

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