Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Growing Makeup Collection and My Storage War

Now I just want to make this clear to everyone I work I earn my own money and as a result I spend this hard earned money on MYSELF I don't stand begging for hand outs after I've just spent R600 on a blush. I spend it on something that I like and that makes me happy and in this case its makeup. So take a step back and think before you decide to judge me. 

I get asked allot why I have so much makeup and why I need so many expensive products. To be honest the question actually annoys me, I read a comment on pinterest once that made me want to send that person a very strongly worded message. This person who shall not even be acknowledged commented on someones gorgeous and really really huge ass makeup collection that "you have to be really ugly that you need to own so much makeup" I don't understand why people are such retards. There are hundreds of people out there that collect all sorts of things shoes, comics, model toys the list is endless. I collect makeup, because some are gorgeous some serve a very specific purpose some I cannot live with out and some are just so pretty to look at. 

Rant aside now I wanted to share with everyone the mess that is my makeup collection. Up until now I've been using storage that I bought at clicks and yes I have quite large drawers attached to my dressing table but allot of my items are so gorgeous I cannot bare to see them damaged in the draw so they have kinda been stacking up and my space has been growing smaller and smaller by the day. I have finally bought my very own storage drawer and can finally start decluttering. I wanna share a before with you guys and once I've packed everything to my satisfaction ill share a after post as well and also all the details of the when were and the hows 

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