Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Acrylic Cosmetic Storage

I have to say when I posted pics of my storage that I recently got, I had no clue the stir it would have caused. I didn't realize how many people out there were also on the hunt for affordable storage. Now I know there is some really prominent cosmetic storage companies out now but I feel like I didn't really have much options. That being said I decided to do some research and I found some really good company's out there that can really compete in both price and product. If you would like me to post all the companies I found please let me know.

Now down to what your really here for! The where, when and how of my own storage. I purchased this from a company called Mr Plastic they are situated in Bedfordview. I actually got my storage on sale so I cannot tell you how much it normally goes for. I got what they called the 4 tier but it actually has 5 compartments. It has 4 drawers that open frontwards and then the top caddy that has a lid that opens upwards. The dimensions are 310 x 310 x 350 mm high each drawer being about 70mm in height. With courier fees to Cape Town my total was about R1100.00. They do not keep stock of the drawers so its made up according to your order, in total I waited a week for it to be delivered. I had the draw dividers made afterwards because I could not stack my cosmetics with out it falling all over the place when I opened the drawers. There was some things that I was not happy with, there was a small scratch in the front and a glue stain on the side also a small scratch at the back but the drawer was not supposed to have the diamond handles so I did not complain cause that kinda out weighed the bad.

See how organized I am now!!!

Again Id like to mention that there are some more companies out there that offer cosmetic storage that's made from thicker perspex or more attention to details but all in all I am extremely happy with my storage and with the amount that I paid feel I its worth every cent. I did not realize how big it would be so now it has made my makeup collection look extremely small that's why I moved everything to the front but all the back being open only allows for more growth so WIN WIN I say. 

If you would like some more details of all the other companies please let me know and Ill do a separate post with all those details.


  1. Please please please list the companies. I would appreciate so much. Your collection is amazing!!! :)

  2. It looks awesome! Please do a list!

  3. Does 27pinkx make the draw dividers as well?


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