Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chanel Mirror Duo

The first product I ever bought from Chanel was a double sided compact mirror which was about 5 or 6 years back now. I remember the first time I saw one in the City Center and a foreign lady took it out her bag in the middle of the crowd and I stopped dead in my tracks she had so much attitude haha and I was like THAT IS WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE and I hunted it down! And its really sad to say that my first one is really scratched up and the black isn't as gorgeous and glossy as it was when I first got it. Even the dust pouch looks almost grey now, so needless to say I was in dire need of replacing it. Luckily Chanel had one left and I was able to snatch it up!

Honestly there isn't much reviewing that can be done here its a mirror after all but Ill tell you what I love and hate about it. Yes even thought I've replaced it there is still stuff I hate about it!

It comes in a black glossy compact pretty much the same as the blush with the CC logo in the center and the black dust pouch. There are two mirrors, one side has a magnifying effect for precise makeup application while the other is a normal mirror pretty much for retouching. Its basically classic Chanel. I don't really carry my blush around with me allot so I have never really noticed it but the little velvet pouch is like a magnet for dust and fluff so it doesn't stay so pretty but I do understand that its meant to protect the compact. I cant help but think it would be so much nicer in a leather pouch though. And lets not get to the amount of finger prints you handle it way more than you would the blush so keeping it clean and glossy is a night mare. That being said its still the most gorgeous compact I own. 

I picked this one up for R485.00 at the Chanel counter


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