Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Brazilian hair treatment called Velaterapia

Ever wondered how those Brazilian models keep their hair looking so good while we are stuck with what I can only describe as a frizzy mop? Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho recently revealed the secret to how she keeps her gorgeous locks looking that glossy and healthy. She uses a new Brazilian treatment called Velaterapia! (or for us common folk Candle cutting)

What is this new shit you talk of, I am guessing you are asking!! WELL. Velaterapia is a process where an open flame (usually a candle)  is used to singe off split ends, opening up the follicles to make hair more receptive to conditioning. Supposedly all without taking anything way from your length. 

If I see smoke coming from my GHD or even smell the slightest scent of burning hair everything gets switched off till I find the source of it. And although I know that I am guilty of having split ends and leaving it for way to long I cannot even picture myself being ok with trying out this new treatment no matter what you promise the outcome would be. An open flame and my hair in the same sentence freaks the SHIT out of me.

I've sourced some Google images for you to have a look at! Tell me what you think of this new treatment would you risk your gorgeous crowning glory for the chance to have supermodel like hair??


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