Tuesday, August 26, 2014

M.A.C Kelly & Sharon Osbourne Collection - Review

After months of waiting the Osbourne collection was finally released in stores on the 15th of August. I was one of those stalker people and phoned the counter the whole week making sure that the Friday launch was still on track (DONT LIE, you all know I wasn't the only one) I rushed to the store and managed to pick up a couple of the items before all the products were sold out. The Kelly collection is aimed more for lighter skin tones while the Sharon collection is aimed more for Medium to darker skin tones. I decided to pick up Sharons blush and Mineralized skin finish but the packaging of the Kelly collections lipsticks were just to die for so I decided to go for one of those instead (The Kelly Yum Yum and Dodgy Girl are still on my list because I could only take one)

Sharons blush is called Peaches & Cream which honestly doesn't make any sense, I would have understood strawberries and cream a little better because on my skin there was no peach at all not even the slightest undertone of it. MAC describes it as a mid tone peach/rose with a satin finish, I think the only part they got right was the rose. I would describe it as just that a mid tone rose pink. It looks a little dry and chalky in the pan but does not apply this way at all. Its very silky and dare I even say "creamy" when applied it blends really easily and is highly pigmented. I found myself having to knock some product off when applying as the pigmentation is quite intense and you need to have a really light hand when applying. I was so impressed at the amazing staying power, it lasted a full 8 - 9 hours on my skin, it did fade a little but over all was still perfectly visible. Blush retailed for R300,00

Sharon Mineralized Skin Finish Duo in Refresh contains two shades which is best described as a high lighter and a bronzer. 

MAC describes the highlighter as a high-frost metallic golden pink. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this beauty, I fail to understand why we can't get an entire pan of this shade? The highlighter is less than one third of the pan while the rest is the bronzer. It is a frosted pink with a slight gold sheen, this shade works amazing to highlight the arch of the brows as well as on the cheek bones but looks a bit out of place down the ridge of the nose, however with a warm skin tone this looks amazing everywhere when blended correctly.

MAC describes the bronzer as a light peach/tan. This bronzer is a bit on the peachy side and if over applied can leave you looking a bit orange. It is easy to blend though and can be used over the whole face to give a subtle golden glow or as a bronzer to give a more defined look. In the pan the bronzer has a slight shimmer but when applied none of this shimmer transfers. It has a matte finish and doesn't look chalky at all on the skin and is easy to blend in. The MSF retailed for R400,00

Kelly's lipstick in Strip Poker is described by MAC as a light nude with a matte finish. I would describe it as a whitish beige with pink undertones and a matte finish. I have yet to be able to wear this lipstick on its own, I always wear a colour lip pencil under it as the beige is just a bit to harsh for me. It has full opaque colour coverage and is really creamy and easy to apply. With a pencil it lasted around 3 hours on me but I can't speak for how it wears on its own. The Lipstick retailed for R250,00

From Left: Kelly Lipstick in Strip poker, Sharon blush in peaches and cream,
Sharon Mineralized Skin Finish Duo in Refresh bronzer then highlighter.

Sharons collections packaging comes in red with her signature in lilac while Kellys collection comes in lilac with her signature in red. I thought this was a really nice touch in tying the two collections together. I would still love to purchase more of the Kelly lipstick and even the blush and MFS if I am able to. This is really a collection worth getting.

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