Monday, August 4, 2014

M.A.C Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection

So we are in August already, Ill let it sink in that 2014 is almost over! I know everyone says this and its a saying that annoys me but this year has literally flown by. It feels like yesterday we were counting down the months to our wedding and Gavin and I are already nearing the two year mark its scary how quick time is slipping away. So much amazing things have happened since then though that I cant be sad, I cant wait to see what the rest of this year has in store.

August see's the release of yet another "Limited Edition" collection being released by M.A.C. These collections are awesome but lets be real now every time I blink I feel like another limited edition line is being released. I'm starting to feel like its part of their master plan, cause lets face it when something is limited edition we all just HAVE to own it.

Ill admit though that this is one collection I have been looking forward to, at first I was liking the Kelly collection probably cause of how pretty it looks but after seeing the collections online and reading some of the reviews I can honestly say I am in love with some of the Sharon pieces. 

From what I have heard the Osbourne collections will be in stores on the 7th of August. Prices range from R180.00 to R650.00

Correction apparently these are being released on the 15th of August and not the 7th booooo

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