Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Style Bar and Swarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Relaunch

Last Thursday I attended the media relaunch of the Swarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy range that was held at the Style Bar in Tygervalley. The event was split into 3 different time slots and because I attended the evening event I got sneak peaks as to what we could all expect on Instagram and Twitter (don't you just love social media?)

When we got there, there was the prettiest display of snacks. A rainbow cake, macaroons, cake pops, fruit, jelly beans and of course a supply of champagne and fruit juice.  

As with all events we mingled a little and then of course got to snap all our pictures and selfies before we were introduced to the range.

We were first show a short presentation on some of the sister brands before being introduced to what is the BC Bonacure range. The secret in the BC Hairtherapy range is in the cell perfector technology, what is this magic you may be asking well let me explain. Cell perfector technology is designed to replenish the hair's surface to help rebuild the hair's structure deep inside the hair's cells. In its natural "virgin" state hair has a lipid protection layer which consists of molecues with a chain of 21 carbons. External stress, chemical treatments and heat styling harms the surface of the hair and the entire chain erodes.  The technology in the BC Hairtherapy range helps to repair and refill 18 of those carbons and repairs the hairs surface bringing it back as close to its natural state. 

What does it mean to us normal folk, well all that damage and abuse we put our hair through you know one minute we want it straight then curly and changing our hair colour to every colour of the rainbow, well this range helps repair that and bring our hair back to its healthy natural state. 

We were each assigned to our own stylist who then checked our hair out and gave us our own tailored "prescription" I am pleased to announce that I have healthy hair haha aside from my split ends which I am more than happy to live with. The only problems I addressed were hair loss which honey I could supply you with a wig and then to target the colouring and heat styling damage which was very minimal. We were then treated to washes and blow drys! 

I received shampoo from the hair activator range for thinning hair to help target my hair fall out. The spray leave in conditioner from the moisture kick range for a extra boost of moisture. The treatment from the colour freeze range for colour treated hair and then the end sealer from the repair rescue range for my split ends and to help protect from heat styling. 

The range can be bought on the Retail Box Website as well as in store, I have only used this range twice now and I am already loving everything! I will using it a little longer before I do a full review but I want to thank everyone at the Style bar for an amazing even. 

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