Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MAC Lorde Lipstick in Pure Heroine

I'm pretty sure that there isn't a makeup lover out there that hasn't heard of MAC's heroine lipstick. It's the one lipstick that I'm both afraid of and obsessed with at the same time. For the longest time I've only ever seen it online, it's the one shade MAC does not carry testers of. It finally became part of the permanent collection but still MAC never carries any stock. Then a few months ago Lorde did a collaboration with MAC for a very small collection that only consists of a lipstick and eyeliner. I found it a bit weird and honestly feel like I was robbed that she didn't design her own packaging or come up with her own colour. I feel like she kinda just stood in a store and chose what she liked and bam it was a limited edition and yes sold at more than the average price.

So when heroine became available again under her collection, I jumped at the chance to finally get this shade in my stash. The day I ordered it I actually got to swatch a friends heroine and the colour scared me even more. Honestly if you asked me to describe it I'd say it's like a neon purple. So when my package finally arrived, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't the same colour and that it had the same old packaging (not even a signature or some personalized touch honestly MAC I feel a little robbed here) but with further inspection I did noticed that the Lorde lipstick was in fact Pure Heroine which is different from the normal Heroine.

MAC describes pure heroin as a deep plum with a amplified finish. When I opened the tube I expected it to be a really dark black plum but it wasn't, its more of a deep purple with very bright pink undertones. It reminds me of a plum red wine. It's not a bright in you face purple, and honestly I feel a little more wearable than heroin. On myself however I do feel this lipstick strongly needs a lip liner under it because boy does it bleed!! Its honestly a really nice shade and I am glad I purchased it even of the disappointment of it not being the right shade but I do feel that some effort could have been put into this range.

The Lorde Lipstick was available only online for R220,00

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