Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Avon Makeup Setting Spray - Review

I feel like I should put a little disclaimer at the beginning of this post instead of the end, this product is a holy grail product which I use everyday. I swear by this setting spray and I honestly recommend you go out and get yourself one!! And no I was not paid to do this post!

If you have normal or even dry skin you have no clue how lucky you are! Having dry skin there is so many products you can use to get that nice glow and when you put your makeup on it really stays all day. You have no idea the endless struggle to find ways to make your makeup stay in place or even make it to lunch time for that matter. I have a really oily T-zone so my makeup tends to just slide off and disappear, so I am always looking for something to make my makeup last longer. There are plenty of setting sprays on the market but spending so much money on stuff that your not even sure will work is always a struggle for me.

With us now in summer, a setting spray is really essential for me as I tend to get oily really quickly in this heat and I just don't have the time or energy to carry powders or blotting paper around with me. When I found out Avon had brought out a budget version setting spray I had to try it out for myself.

Packaging: The setting spray comes in a black transparent spray bottle with white writing on it. Its not the most attractive packaging but it is only a setting spray after all and honestly I would rather have a great product inside that really works than elaborate packaging. It comes in a 125ml bottle which is quite a large bottle and allot more than any of the others on the market.

Product: Ive read allot of reviews of people saying this setting spray doesn't have any type of scent to it but I beg to differ. It has a faint scent of what I can only describe as alcohol pads but it isn't overwhelming and you only smell it if you actually smelling the product directly in the bottle and not when your using it. I spray it about two to three times across my entire face and fan it dry, at first it feels a bit tight as it sets but this only lasts for a few minutes and then you cannot even feel that you are wearing anything over top. This is nothing like MAC's fix plus (which is not even a setting spray but I feel the need to explain) fix plus gives you more of a glow and blends your makeup together where the Avon setting spray dries matte and sets your makeup in place. I do turn oily in my T-zone around the end of the day but with this setting spray my makeup is still in place when I wash it off at night. This works amazing to keep your eye shadow at bay as well for anyone who suffers with very oily eyelids like me.

Price: This goes for R149-95 for a 125ml but I picked it up for R79-95 during one of their monthly sales so keep an eye out for that. Also this is now a permanent product in the Avon brochure.

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  1. I have this exact setting spray too, but haven't tried it yet..

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