Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Find - The Beauty Box

The more my obsession with makeup grows, the bigger my collection of makeup is getting which only means my space is becoming very limited. So makeup storage is something that I desperately need, also having a neatly organised makeup collection only makes it that much easier because I can actually see what I have so more of my makeup gets used. I don't know how many times I've opened one of my dressing table drawers only to find something I've bought months before and totally forgot about. Now that I've developed a bit of a addiction to lipsticks and more notably MAC lipsticks, I've been on the hunt for a lipstick holder that will easily go with the rest of my storage but also makes my lipstick easily visible and accessible. Then I discovered the Beauty Box and their amazing holders and instantly fell in love.

What the company has to say:
Elegantly designed and complimentary to any decor and design, the beauty box is ideal for you to use in your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. The organizers are not only limited to makeup products but can also be used to store your facial products, spa essentials, nail polish or even jewelry in any of the available designs. Everything can be neatly organised and stored for easy access. The Beauty Box products are exclusively distributed in South Africa and are made from high quality Lucite Acrylic. 

I am absolutely obsessed with the gorgeous glass crystal handles that come on the organizers, it just makes it look that much more glamorous. Also I was told that the 5 and 3 drawer Acrylic organizers are only available in 6mm thick Lucite acrylic, making them quite strong and sturdy. The attention to detail is something that really stood out for me as each holder was carefully and individually wrapped. My holders did not have one single scratch on them and each piece was perfectly cut and very carefully put together. Which to me only makes the quality and hard work put in stand out that much more.

The Beauty Box does not only offer 5 and 3 tier organizers, they also offer a mini organizer, lipstick holders, makeup brush and nail polish holders. And then they also have jewelry organizers and a really nice earring stand. I absolutely love the makeup brush holder that can be hung off the side of your 5 or 3 drawer organizers and I actually think would be really good to store or organize lip liners or crayon lipsticks and lipgloss.

Each lipstick holder holds 12 lipsticks, the dimensions are 5 x 9 x 3 cm and go for R99.00 inc vat. Delivery takes 2 to 3 working days and they deliver anywhere in South Africa. The Beauty Box only want to offer their clients top quality products and efficient, fast and friendly service at an affordable price. This I can certainly vouch for, Delaney is such a nice person and service was more than amazing. I can't believe I filled up my holders so quickly and I cannot wait to deal with her again because I am in desperate need of some more storage and that brush holder (swoon for days). 

You can contact the Beauty Box here:
Delaney Siebert 
(084) 777-7052
021 913-9613


  1. These look great! I currently have makeup sprawled all over my desk, so I definitely need one of these! lol

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