Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wishing Wednesday with Anastasia Beverly Hills

I know this is another Anastasia Beverly Hills product but in all fairness I can truly understand why she has become a cult brand. All the products I've received thus far have been more than amazing and I can't wait to add the ever popular clear brow gel to my collection! From every review I have read this is what you need to have your brow game on point and I don't know about you but someone that has their eyebrows together have their lives together. Never and I repeat NEVER take life advice from someone with bad eyebrows!

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  1. I hated doing my brows until I started using Brow Wiz! Now I can't leave the house without doing them! lol

    And omg, those pictures! I cannot stop laughing! hahaha

    ☮ ♡ :) melli |


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