Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Advanced Techniques 360 Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hair treatments for many. People that have dry and damaged hair and want nourishment, smoother hair and manageability are quickly turning to Moroccan oil products for relief and satisfaction, and are falling in love with the results of healthier, softer and shinier hair thanks to the Argan Oil. And Avon has jumped on this bandwagon with a full range of Moroccan Argan Oil products.

About and What it Promises: Avon Moroccan Argan Oil is formulated with Argan Oil, pro-vitamin B5, and Vitamin E. The combination of Argan Oil and essential ingredients give your hair renewed strength, instant shine, softness, smooth silkiness and weightless movement.

I have really oily hair but I dye and style it allot so I am left with hair that is oily on the top and dry and damaged at the bottom. Finding a shampoo and conditioner that works for me has always been a nightmare. When I first start using a product my hair is always amazing and soft and flowy, but then my hair either gets used to it really quickly or my hair takes a 360 degree turn and I want to walk around with a beanie on my head so people don't have to endure looking at how horribly tacky it looks!! The first few weeks of fresh dye my hair is always so soft and shinny and every single day feels like a good hair day, but then it gets to that point were you don't quite need to dye your hair yet, but it feels like its suffered a stroke and no longer wants to cooperate with anything I do or apply to it and it just sort of lies there lifeless, shine less and just plain worthless.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Advanced Techniques 360 Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (honestly I only bought it because it was on sale so I decided why not try it out) and may I add was during one of those stroke weeks!  When the dye starts growing or washing out of my hair I feel like it becomes really heavy and matty with very little to no shine at all. After the very first wash my hair felt like it got all that softness back and was really shinny again. It also seemed to have some of the volume back again and was very manageable and cooperative. It has a very nice scent that isn't to over powering but does fade a bit after heat styling. Its white and very creamy and does wash very well, I bought the mask as well but the shampoo and conditioner works very well together and you only really need to use the Mask maybe once a week.

Does it work? Yes it does supply everything that it offers and some, this is one product were you cannot let the price tag fool you. I honestly love this shampoo and conditioner so much that when it went on sale again this month I decided to stock up for the rest of the year hahaha

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