Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Essence Sun Club Allover Shimmer Bronzer

I purchased this bronzer a couple of weeks ago, I originally went in looking for a very soft mat bronzer but some how allowed the sales lady to talk me into taking this one. Ok it didn't take much convincing cause it's so sparkly and pretty, but not exactly what I was looking for haha. Essence Sun Club Allover Shimmer for eyes, face and body comes in 2 versions.  For Blondes - Lighter Skin and Brunettes - Darker Skin. I purchased the one for brunettes which is for darker skin tones, I'll be honest here I wasn't entirely sure what shade to take but went with the sales ladies choice of brunette cause I have dark hair. Also I haven't really used a shimmer bronzer before so I am still getting used to it. 

As a bronzer it is amazing but I feel I need more of a tan for it. It says for brunettes but I feel it's a bit dark for me right now, maybe if I had more of a summer tan and use this to add a bit more glow it will be amazing! It has the perfect amount of tones to add dimension to your face. What I like about this shimmer powder is it can be used as a bronzer, blusher highlighter and eyeshadow. I hav been using the first light gold row allot as a highlighter and it's amazing. Gives the perfect amount of natural glow. I would like to try the one for lighter skin, I feel like at this time of the year it would work much better because I've become much lighter during winter and need to  easing into summer.

It comes in a square see through case, it contains 6 shimmer stripes of lighter and darker bronzers, pink and a golden highlighter. The powder is soft and shimmery and is very pigmented so you really need a light hand with this otherwise you will end up with dark dirty looking patches. 

In conclusion the Allover shimmer powder is a great product especially for the price (R54,95). But I would really recommend getting some what of a tan to go along with it. I'll hold on to this one until summer gets here and give it another go then I'm pretty sure it will be perfect. So if your looking for a shimmery bronzer and highlighter that doubles as a eye shadow then I would definitely recommend this product to you.

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