Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

Denim Jackets are one of my all time favorite items of clothing for any time of the year!

One of the most annoying things to me is the transition from winter to summer because I never know what to wear. The weather is normally so confused with itself in Cape Town, the one minute its cold then its scorching hot then its storming and the next there’s such strong gale force winds ready to blow your car over if your brave enough to drive it on the highway!

I’m usually so eager to get my tan on and get back into my little dresses and skirts I normally over estimate how warm the weather will stay for the day that by the time It reaches lunch time I’m so cold I’m ready to go back into Eskimo mode.

The one thing I love and feel like it's always a classic is a denim jacket. It is so versatile and goes with so many things and has just the right look for me. You can wear it with skirts, dresses and shorts and have just the right amount of warmth but still look cute and not over dressed. And I feel like its the one item that you can wear in summer and get away with it, but added with a hoodie in winter its the perfect look to keep you comfortable and still look super cute!! Finding the perfect denim jacket has always been a mission for me I always seem to wake up from under my rock just as its all sold out haha (story of my life)

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