Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Battle of the Moroccan Argan Oils

I have been obsessing over Moroccan Oil Products for a while now (after seeing everyone's Instagram photos hahaha) and have been dying to get my hands on the original. After search for the original high and low I discovered that there are quite a few Moroccan Argan Oil products out there by different brands, so I started thinking is the original all its made out to be? Here are the 3 brands I purchased and have been trying out for the past few weeks!

The Avon Moroccan Argan oil mask retails for R79,95 but I picked it up for R49,95 on their monthly sale. Unlike the others it comes in a 150ml tube with a detachable lid, which honestly is a bit easier to use when your in the shower! It comes in a blue tube with white and gold writing. The actual product inside it white.

What it promises: intensive moisture and shine treatment that leaves hair feeling soft and radiating with a healthy shine

After using it for a few weeks it left my hair soft and very noticeably shinny. It felt much lighter and more manageable, I only needed to apply a small amount at a time. It goes really cream in your hand and you can honestly instantly feel the moisture on your hair, it has a really nice scent but doesn't last after styling. 

Would I buy this one again - YES 

The Organix renewing Moroccan Argan oil intense moisturizing treatment retails for R159,95 and comes in a blue 237ml tub with a gold lid. The actual product inside is cream in colour, allot like the original.

What it promises: instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening and creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.

No matter how much I rubbed my hands together I could not get it to form a creamy past, it stayed like a jelly consistency and broke apart. When I applied it to my hair I felt like it disappeared into my hair, and no matter how much more I applied I could not get that soft silky feeling like when you apply conditioner. I didn't notice any change in my hair other than being really knotty after washing it. It did however have a pleasant scent.

Would I buy this one again - NO and I probably wouldn't finish the tub I have 

The Original Moroccan Argan oil intense hydrating mask retails for R315 and comes in a blue 250ml tub with a brown lid. The actual product inside is cream in colour.

What it promises: hydrates and conditions dryness to improve texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

This mask did exactly what it promised. I only needed to use a small amount and could instantly feel the moisture and softness. It left my hair really smooth and easy to manage, it also left me with a really glossy shine which I loved. My hair felt lighter after styling but I did fined it knotted my hair a bit but not to the extend of the Organix one. I found that even the original had a jelly texture to it but formed a creamy past when I rubbed my hands together long enough. The scene is very strong and so nice and stayed much longer than any of the others, even after heat styling.

Would I buy this one again - YES i am in love with this product!!

The original is amazing and I would recommend it to any and everyone! But if your a lady on a budget and still want part of the action I am more the confident that the Avon one will get you there!!

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