Thursday, October 3, 2013

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss

Every time I want to try something out, experiment or just replace something that I've used up I find myself going to the Essence stand more and more. Their prices are just so affordable and the quality is just as good. I also find that their variety is so big that there is something for everyone no matter what your looking for.

Some of my favorite things have been their lip glosses, there is a really big range to chose from. Naturals, pinks, glitters, darker shades and even clear. I recently purchased 04 Rising Star, 23 Dazzle Glow and 14 Bubble Babe. They come in long thin clear tubes with silver lids. The stem is quite long and reaches far into the tube the brush is long, furry and flat. At first I found it uncomfortable to apply because I am used to the slanted brushes that most liquid lip gloss tubes come with but I quickly got used to it and it doesn't bother me any more. 

04 Rising Star is a bright baby pink with a pearl shine to it, it's very pigmented and very bright on the lips I try to add very little of this one as it stands out quite allot. 23 Dazzle glow is a very light nude with fine glitter pieces in it, this one isn't very pigmented and you need to add a bit to get colour but it's very natural looking once applied. 14 Bubble Babe in the tube it's a bubble gum pink with tons of glitter but once applied it's clear and the glitter is quite outstanding.

These lip glosses are very cream and doesn't leave your lips with that sticky feeling, and I never have my hair sticking to it. They are very moisturizing on the lips, they have a nice fruity scent to some of them. The rising star has very fine glitter pieces in it so you don't feel it that much on your lips, bubble babe though the pieces are a bit bigger so you do feel those but it's not uncomfortable. The staying power isn't very good and I do find myself reaching for the tube a bit more, but for R24,95 I can live with that. 

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