Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FCUK Cosmetics

FCUK stands for French Connection United Kingdom (who knew right hahaha) I can't be the only person that has a dirty mind and always thought they were trying to make some kind of statement! It actually turns out the acronym came about when they were sending faxes to and from the UK and Hong Kong branches and to make things easier they labeled it FCUK and FCHK and then later it became their logo next to the word French Connection. Anyway FCUK makeup in available from Clicks here is SA (see acronyms are catchy haha) I've seen their makeup products and perfume allot there but I've never tried it out. Ssssooo this past month when I was out shopping for my sister in laws birthday present (there was no way I could grab just one pack) I decided to treat myself to some makeup as well ;) I got two packs one with a purple kabuki brush, a powder compact bronzer and a lipgloss and the other with 4 shades of lipgloss.

Kabuki Brush: I love this brush I bought this set mainly for it. It's so soft and I love the colour of it. I also love the feel of the metal handle in my hand compared to the other wooden or plastic handles. I don't know if it's the cold touch of the metal but it's more comfortable for me. I wish all my brushes had handles like this now! 

Compact Powder Bronzer: I'm not sure if it's that this bronzer is so light or if it's the actual bronzer but no matter how hard I tried I could not get any of my brushes to pick up any product. After swirling it about 20 times it did eventually start to collect in the brush but it made no real impact on my face at all. So this was a real let down.


Description - with these 4 lip glosses the woman will have a shade for every occasion, after all variety is the spice of life. There are 4x 5.5ml tubes (I've added the 5th because it was a different shade) each exclusively designed for boots (relabeled as clicks in SA) with a modern yet chic style.I could unfortunately not find any names of any shades on either the packaging or tubes itself. So I'm gonna try and give you my best possible description of each (don't hold it against me if you come to another conclusion)

One: is a bubble gum pink in the tube with lots of glitter - it goes almost clear once applied so you mainly see the gloss with a hint of pink and loads of glitter.
Two: is a pink nude with a very light gold shimmer - when applied this reminds me of a bronzer lipgloss it gives you a very nice hint of a gold tint, this one is one of my favorite of the lot!
Three: is a dark pink- this one had no glitter and not a very high impact of shine
Four: is red - once applied it goes clear and give your lips a red tint
Five: is a brown with I gold shine - this one was also one of my favorites its also the perfect bronzer lipgloss. You get a really nice brown with warm gold under tones it also give some what of a gold pearl effect perfect for summer. 

At first this lipgloss didn't really impress me, but after using it a few times it is a nice every day lipgloss. I love the packaging, it comes in square clear tubes with black lids and gold accents with the logos. The actual lipgloss is more of a oily based lipgloss, none of that really stickiness, it some how feels like lipstick once applied though. The 2nd and 5th one were my favorite and I've used them quite allot. The first isn't really anything special. The 3rd and 4th I didn't like at all, it's a weird shade of pink and not something id wear and the red if not applied properly you get a dark red crease around your mouth which is not flattering at all! 

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