Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

I do not eat fish, I hate the texture, I hate the taste and most of all I hate the smell. But I love Sushi, before I would only eat sushi that had prawn in it and no I hate the crab sticks as well lol. Recently I've started eating the salmon and its amazing! I work for a software company that deals with allot of restaurants and can honestly say that I have found the best sushi restaurant out there (and NO they are not one of our clients hahaha) They are called Golden Fish and are situated in Tableview right on the beach front, depending on were you sit in the restaurant it has amazing views of the beach. They have an all you can eat sushi buffet every day of the week, during the week its R109 and Fridays and Saturdays its R129 per person. They have the sushi bar in the middle of the restaurant and you can sit around it and watch them make the sushi in front of you, the sushi gets put on the belt that runs around it so you can just take off what ever you want or you can actually order a whole bunch of sushi and it comes to you on a platter and is still part of the buffet. So if you are in the Tableview area and want to try some amazingly fresh sushi I would highly recommend them, one of my favorite restaurants!

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